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ICN Business School 

ICN Business School
Rollnerstraße 8
90408 Nürnberg
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    Since 1905, the ICN Business School offers interested students the opportunity to study business and management. For more than 110 years we stand for highest quality in research and education. In order to meet this demand and to ensure continuous development, we are building the foundation of the ICN on three major pillars, which are lived and taught at our national and international locations. Values whose communication and implementation are, in our opinion, the basis for your success.


Tolerance, respect and empathy are fundamental pillars of our societies. In your studies at the ICN Business School Campus Nuremberg you will come in contact and in exchange with students from many nations and cultures, and in various group work in a process of working together. Our annual Creative Business Days also bring you together with students from our international campuses. Part of your development process is a one-year stay abroad at our main campus in Nancy in France, or at one of our more than 90 partner universities in our bachelor program.


Commitment and willingness to perform stand for our understanding of mutual respect, which we bring to you as a student and which is lived by our students in dealing with their fellow students. Studying at the ICN Business School also means exploring these values and bringing that claim to life. "We are family" also means that you will not only study and work in a family atmosphere, but also strive for a common development process that will enable you to realize your full potential.

Team Spirit

In a time of disruption of evolved structures, driven by advancing globalization and future dominant issues such as Artificial Intelligence and Digitization, new capabilities and strengths are needed to remain competitive. Inter-divisional and transnational working, mental flexibility and a universal understanding of relationships will be crucial factors in the working world of the future. Our successful pedagogical concept teaches you everything you need to know as a bachelor in the field of management and business in order to be prepared for this change. In addition, in the promotional environment of our university campus, we prepare you for your future challenges and teach you to work effectively and efficiently with other people as a team and to bring in the talents and inclinations of all concerned optimally.

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ICN Bachelor Broschüre_deutsch
Seit 1905 bietet die ICN Business School interessierten Studenten die Möglichkeit, ein Studium in Bereich Business und Management zu absolvieren.
ICN Bachelor Brochure_englisch
ICN Bachelor SUP'EST ranks as one of France's top three bachelor's degrees. With the ICN Bachelor you will learn the fundamentals of management.
MSc Finance, Insurance and Risk Mgmt_DE
Zusätzlich zum Abschluss des Master in Managements erwerben Sie in der Spezialisierung einen M.Sc. in Finance, Insurance and Risk Management.
MSc Marketing and Brand Management_engl
The study program will train you to work effectively in the fields of Finance and Insurance, in either the public or the private sector.
MSc Marketing and Brand Management_DE
Das zweijährigeStudium gibt den Studierenden die strategischen und kreativen Fähigkeiten an die Hand den Markenwert eines Unternehmens zu erhöhen.
MSc Marketing and Brand Management_engl
This program gives students the strategic and creative skills to enhance an organization’s brand equity and implement effective marketing programs.
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ICN Business School
Rollnerstraße 8, 90408 Nürnberg
ICN Business School
86 rue du Sergent Blandan, F-54003 Nancy
ICN Business School
Rollnerstraße 8
90408 Nürnberg
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